Larger work requires coordination and communication with various responsible entities. While every project is unique, our process of planning through closeout has major milestones to assist in and guiding the project.

Phase I - Planning      

  • Initial Visit With Customer  
  • Identification of Project Objectives & Basic Data
  • Review of Existing Conditions
  • Process Hazards Review
  • Identification of Time Schedules
  • Identification of Operational Issues
  • Review of Drawings and Site Data
  • Review of Asset Recovery Issues

Phase II - Field Survey

  • Site Surveys & Assessments
  • Preliminary Scope Evaluation & Project Budget Estimates
  • Development of Project Methodologies
  • Assessment of Alternate Bid Pricing
  • Scope Revisions and Refinement Process
  • Preparation of Bid Packages
  • Client Bid Package Review Process

Phase III - Bid Process 

  • Review of Prospective Bidder Qualifications 
  • Bid Meeting & Meeting Minutes 
  • Bid Evaluation Process 
  • Bid Clarification Meetings 
  • Notifications on Intents 
  • Contract Award

Phase IV - Project Execution  

  • Pre-Mobilization Contractor Submission Review
  • Coordination for Temporary Facilities Installations
  • Mobilization & Execution
  • Quality Assurance Inspections & Scope Audits

Phase V - Project Closeout

  • Coordination for Demobilization
  • Record Assembly
  • Record Retention