A well-known health hazard, asbestos is regulated by OSHA, EPA, numerous state and local entities. Appropriate management of this health hazard is critical to maintain compliance, cost and most importantly the safety of those impacted by operations.


Asbestos work can be complex and costly. Appropriate Front End Loading for all projects is critical to secure your project objectives in a safe and compliant manner. Our technical staff  brings diverse experiences to your table for your projects. The expertise extended by our organization results in a lower investment financially and recognition of compliance.


Old and abandoned boiler

EPA-NESHAP's requires asbestos inspections to be performed prior to renovations and/or demolition. We perform these inspections consistent with regulatory mandates. Our proprietary methods of processing field data are efficient which reduces costs and time with the delivery of complaince documentation.


Coupling our sampling and lab services will confirm the presence, location and type of asbestos present on your site. We offer quick turnaround of results with highly competitive rates. If requested, these results can be quickly electronically transferred after we perform our required quality assurance review.



Asbestos removal does not have to be costly. Obtaining competitive prices from various abatement contractors is the first step to lowering investment costs. Providing a specification or work plan that fully defines the scope of work and methods to accomplish the project objectives will place the project on track for lowering change orders. It additionally will assist in creating a level bid platform for contractors bidding the work. Our certified experts prepare comprehensive plans for remediation acting in the best interest of the Client. The end objective is to assure compliance and lower the investment associated with the scheduled work.  



Pre-Real Estate Transaction Surveys & Liability Estimates

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Building materials cannot be positively determined as asbestos containing based on visual identification. Sampling and analysis is required. This is accomplished via a survey or screening process. To a perspective buyer or seller of a property the importance of knowing the size and scope of liability represented by asbestos is critical. We assist our Customers with this process and provide liability estimates so that more informed decisions regarding asbestos impact can be made on their investment.




An Asbestos Operations and Maintenance (O&M) program is a plan that encompasses employee training, cleaning procedures, work practices, and surveillance monitoring to maintain asbestos materials in good condition. This program is geared at minimizing possible asbestos fiber exposure to building occupants. Harvard can assist in development of an O&M program catered specific to your operations to enable safe and compliant management of asbestos at your facility.


A comprehensive review of an asbestos O&M program should be performed annually. During this process, updating of asbestos inventories should be performed to maintain an accurate and up to date listing of asbestos materials associated with a facility.  A review of all records is additionally recommended to ascertain that all regulatory requirements are met regarding recordkeeping and management of asbestos. Harvard Environmental can assist in these efforts and provide recommendations for effective management of the program. 


Asbestos Removal Repair Management
24/7 Response Networks
Material Testing & Air Monitoring
Developing Written O&M Programs & Work Practices
Employee Training
On-Site Record Retention & Management
Work Tracking & Negative Exposure Databases
OSHA-Required Notifications
AIMS Database Management
Regulatory Permitting & Participation


For abatement, renovation and demolition projects impacting asbestos, we offer simple and cost-effective "Turnkey" Management Services for our Customers. We provide compliance-driven leadership that lets you focus on your core business not on the logistics and details for executing the work.